MWP Plans Get 50% Disk Space Upgrade!

MWP Plans Get 50% Disk Space Upgrade!
June 25, 2020 GB

Hi everyone, June already. Crazy times. This month we have some good news for all our MWP shared-hosting customers

All MWP plans are receiving a 50% disk space increase! That’s right – all MWP customers can now enjoy a roomy 1.5GB per site. Of course, disk space addon upgrades are still available at $2 per GB per month.

Effective immediately, all MWP hosting plans receive a 50% increase to their base disk space allocation. So, MWP-1 will have 1.5GB of disk space, MWP-2 will have 3GB, MWP-3: 4.5GB, etc.

The updated MWP Managed WordPress hosting plans look like this:

  • MWP-1: 1.5GB (1536MB)
  • MWP-2: 3GB (3072MB)
  • MWP-3: 4.5GB (4608MB)
  • MWP-4: 6GB (6144MB)
  • MWP-5: 7.5GB (7680MB)
  • MWP-6: 9GB (9216MB)
  • MWP-7: 10.5GB (10752MB)
  • MWP-8: 12GB (12288MB)
  • MWP-9: 13.5GB (13824MB)
  • MWP-10: 15GB (15360MB)

Note: One GB is equal to 1024MB, i.e.: 1.5GB is equivalent to 1536MB (1024 x 1.5).

WP NET support will be reviewing all customers accounts and downgrading or upgrading as necessary to fall within the new allocations.

Each customer will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and placed into the most cost effective plan, based on their actual current usage. Customers who currently purchase a 1GB disk space add-on will see their monthly fee drop if they no longer require the disk space add-on once their account is upgraded.

Unmetered Resources Remain Unchanged

The following resources are unmetered and therefore do NOT count towards customer total disk space usage:

  • MySQL Databases
  • System Generated Backups
  • Server log files

Note that all server data traffic (domestic and international) also remains unmetered.

If you have any questions, please just get in touch – we’ll be happy to help!