And, We’re Back in the Room

And, We’re Back in the Room
February 19, 2020 GB
PHP 7.4

Well, this is embarrassing. I just looked at the date of our last blog post and it’s almost 12 months ago!

While we have been very slack on updating our blog, rest assured we have been as busy as ever with our growing customer base and on-going maintenance, upgrades and planning.

With Gutenberg now released and becoming quite a mature editor, WordPress is looking as strong as ever as we head into 2020.

So, here’s a summary of what’s been going on and what’s coming up.

PHP 7.4

The latest version of PHP is now available. Both shared-server Managed WordPress and Managed Servers now have PHP 7.4.x runtime available for all sites. If you need any help with testing your site for PHP 7.4 and upgrading PHP, please get in touch with WP NET support.

For more information on PHP 7.4 see:

WordPress 5.3.2 Deployed

After a lengthy test cycle, WordPress 5.3.x is now installed for MWP hosting plans. During our testing of WordPress 5.3.2, some themes broke and required updating. This is quite rare that a WordPress update has this kind of impact. Therefore, it took some time before we could confidently deploy 5.3.x for all our MWP shared-server customers.

WordPress 5.4 Incoming

The next version of WordPress is due for release on 31 March 2020. WordPress 5.4 will include mostly updates to the Gutenberg editor and the Site Health Check tool.

For more info, see:

Plesk Obsidian

All our Managed WordPress (MWP) shared-server systems have been updated to the latest Plesk version, known as Obsidian. Whilst most functionality remains essentially the same, Plesk Obsidian does include many improvements to the interface and usability of the Plesk Panel. Other improvements in Plesk Obsidian:

  • Upgraded Plesk File Manager
  • Smoother restart of Apache and Nginx services
  • Improved Backup Reliability, particularly restores

Coming Up

We will soon be releasing some exciting new Managed Server products that will particularly interest businesses with significant website audience’s outside New Zealand. Stay tuned.