Backup systems improvement

Backup systems improvement
July 30, 2014 GB

For some time now we have used our remote WordPress management system to execute database backups each night and upload these securely to Amazon S3. This has worked well, but it was not proving to be the most efficient method and there was one short-coming — only WordPress databases were backed up. There are sometimes a few instances of other databases on the server that would be nice to include in the nightly backups.

To this end, beginning today we are using a new method to backup all MySQL databases and upload to S3 — and it’s very fast. The backups execute directly on the server, and so does not require remote calls from our WordPress management software. Additionally, the temp backup files are now stored outside the web root, inaccessible to anyone. Previously, each backup was temporarily stored in the website’s ‘wp-content’ directory and then removed after upload.

This improvement dramatically increases database backup time and improves security by removing backup files from ever hitting the web root.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All database backups are stored for 21 days.

To request a restore for of a MySQL database, please open a support ticket and we will restore the database for you, or we can send you the SQL file and you can do it yourself.