Brute Force Attacks on the Rise

WP NET has your back!

Brute Force Attacks on the Rise — WP NET has your back
September 22, 2015 GB

As reported by Sucuri recently, Brute-force attacks on WordPress sites are on the rise and are still one of the most common website compromises.

Sucuri Website Security Brute Force Reports

Sucuri have also created this interesting WordPress Brute-Force Attack monitoring page, which shows the brute-force activity on WordPress sites on the Sucuri network.

More than ever, it’s important to ensure that all WordPress Admin accounts use strong passwords, and don’t use the admin username. WE strongly encourage all WordPress users to generate unique, complex passwords for every WordPress Admin account, and never reuse passwords.

For additional protection and monitoring in WordPress, WP NET recommends the iThemes Security, Sucuri SiteCheck and WordFence security plugins — each has their own strengths and weaknesses, so use these based on your requirements. If you’re a WP NET customer, just open a support ticket and we’ll be happy to set up a security plugin for you.

Automatic Protection with WP NET Managed WordPress

Brute-Force WordPress logins

All WordPress sites hosted on WP NET get automatic brute-force protection thanks to our managed firewall — more than 5 failed wp-login.php attempts result in a ban — you don’t need to install any plugin or do anything for this protection, it is automatically enabled.

Malware scanning and removal

Our specialised malware scanning is kept up to date with known threats and other security issues. Malware scanners have recently been updated to detect the Active Visitor Tracker malware. We don’t rely on remote site-checks like Sucuri SiteCheck that only access public files, we scan server-side across all hosted sites..