FreeSSL Now Available for Managed Server

FreeSSL Now Available for Managed Server
April 10, 2016 GB

We’ve got a lot of exciting new features and updates to announce over the next few months, and first up is…

FreeSSL from Let’s Encrypt
now available to all Managed Cloud VPS customers!

That’s right, all customers with WP NET Managed Cloud VPS servers can now use SSL on their websites at no cost! You never need to bother with generating CSR’s, processing renewals or installing certificates … ever! It’s all completely automated.

New and existing Managed Cloud VPS customers can start using FreeSSL right now. For details on how to activate FreeSSL on your Cloud VPS websites, please see our KnowledgeBase article. (Note: you must login to the My WP NET customer portal to view the article)

What is Let’s Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt is a new SSL Certificate Authority on a mission to make encryption standard across the web. Let’s Encrypt is sponsored by industry, including: Mozilla, Google, Facebook, Sucuri, CISCO and more. You can read more about Let’s Encypt on their website.

In a nutshell, Let’s Encrypt provides browser-trusted SSL certificates completely free. Provisioning and renewal is automated via the Let’s Encrypt agent software installed on the host server.

You may be asking yourself …

Why use SSL?

Answer: because it’s faster*, more secure and it’s better for SEO.

  1. Faster: SSL over HTTP/2 is fast! Really fast!
  2. Secure: SSL is more secure because all your website traffic is encrypted. Furthermore, HTTP/2 provides additional security features that HTTP/1 does not.
  3. SEO: Google has been using page speed as a ranking factor for quite a while now, and going forward they will also be ranking HTTPS pages over HTTP.

*WP NET’s Managed Cloud VPS servers support SSL over HTTP/2, which provides significant performance and security improvements compared to HTTP/1. See for a comparison.

Do I need SSL?

Until recently, unless you operate an eCommerce site or some other kind of site that transmits sensitive and / or personal information, it was difficult to justify paying for SSL. With the advent of Let’s Encrypt all that has changed and considering the speed, security and SEO benefits, the question is: Why not use SSL?

What about shared-server Managed WordPress customers?

FreeSSL is currently only available on our Managed Cloud VPS servers.

We are planning to introduce this service to our shared-server Managed WordPress customers as well, but we don’t want to offer FreeSSL until we can also support HTTP/2.

Implementing the Let’s Encrypt agent software, HTTP/2 and a user-interface to manage the feature requires significant development and testing, and it will be some months before we have this ready. Stay tuned!