Knowledge is key to WordPress security

Knowledge is key to WordPress security
March 13, 2015 GB

An article recently published on ZDNet suggests that much of WordPress’s security woes are due to lack of knowledge on the part of the administrator. Security — an area that is often overlooked or left out of the budget altogether — if left unchecked, can make your website an easy target.

Frequently, if a handful of straightforward, proven security hardening measures had been completed, many sites would not have fallen prey to their attackers. 

These include:

  • secure directory permissions
  • install and configure security plugin
  • customise database table prefix
  • disable user ID 1, username ‘admin’
  • secure passwords used on all accounts
  • wp-config.php file security
  • no PHP execution in /wp-content
  • disabling XML-RPC
  • regular malware scanning

With Managed WordPress Hosting and Support you get the benefit of our WordPress security experts. WP NET Support can review your site and implement many of these security measures for you. As your web host and your CMS support, we’re able to simply and effectively apply security hardening measures, that could otherwise be difficult without full access to the host server.

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You can read the ZDNet article here.