Managed Cloud VPS servers now available

Managed Cloud VPS servers now available
April 20, 2015 GB

We’re thrilled to announce that our Managed Cloud VPS server products are now officially available.

We have been offering this service to a few select customers for a while now, and we have been carefully testing and monitoring the platform to ensure that it’s stable and fast. We’re pleased to say that it is now rock-solid — and thanks to SSD RAID drives — it’s crazy fast!

Starting at only NZD$199 per month you can get yourself a fully managed Cloud VPS server, powered by 64-bit Ubuntu Linux. We install a custom designed hosting stack, featuring Nginx with SPDY and PHP-FPM. You can choose to run either PHP 5.4, 5.5 or the latest and greatest: 5.6.

Who needs a Managed Cloud VPS?

While our standard Managed WordPress platform is suitable for most small-to-medium sized websites, large, very high-traffic sites demand resources and performance that only a dedicated Cloud VPS server can provide.

Examples of sites that might call for a Managed Cloud VPS are: large, high-traffic e-commerce sites (WooCommerce etc), WordPress MultiUser sites (BuddyPress) and other very busy sites with highly-active communities. You can also run multiple WordPress installations on the server — hosting all your client’s sites on a single server — just for you.

With a Managed Cloud VPS, we take care of all server administration, management and maintenance for you — we install all updates and patches for the Linux OS and hosting stack (PHP, MySQL etc). By default, each Managed Cloud VPS comes with a single Managed WordPress installation, so we also install all WordPress core updates and important security updates for your WordPress plugins. You can add more Managed WordPress installations if you wish.

Being a Cloud Server platform, it’s scalable on demand — you can add more resources as your needs grow — add more CPUs, RAM, disk space and bandwidth at any time.

For more information see our Managed Cloud VPS page, or contact us to discuss your requirements.