Managed Servers In Depth & Introducing WP NET Shield

Managed Servers In Depth & Introducing WP NET Shield
May 27, 2020 GB

After the recent release of our brand spanking new Managed Servers, we wanted to focus a little more on these new products, and answer a few questions that current and prospective customers may have.

We’re also ready to release more details about our WordPress Support plan: WP NET Shield.

New Managed Servers – hosted on Vultr

Now hosted on the Vultr network, our Managed Servers are more powerful and more affordable than ever. Starting from only NZD$95 per month, these servers are an ideal platform for WooCommerce, WP Multisite and other demanding WordPress sites.

Hosting on Vultr allows us to provide our single-tenant customers with the combined benefits of the reliability and robustness of a proven international cloud service provider, along with responsive, friendly technical support and WordPress expertise – right here in New Zealand.

In this post, I thought I would explain some of the reasoning for the move and some other details about what it means to host with WP NET and Vultr.

What is changing?

Only the backbone network and data centre location is changing. Our custom server configuration, web hosting stack and control panel remains largely unchanged. We’re simply moving the physical location that our Managed Servers are hosted from.

Please note that our shared-server MWP Managed WordPress hosting plans are still hosted in New Zealand and we have no plans to change this.

Will existing Managed Servers be migrated?

No. You can migrate of you would like to, but this is entirely optional. We will continue to run our customer’s NZ-based Managed Servers as long as they need them.

If you do want to migrate to a Vultr-based server, you could make considerable savings and also see some performance improvement. Get in touch if you would like to discuss migrating to a new Managed Server.

Is Sydney the only location?

No, for customers with large audiences outside NZ, of course you can host your Managed Server anywhere on the Vultr network’s 17 locations.

Just get in touch and we can discuss the best location for your requirements.

What are Vultr Compute Instances?

Our Managed Server products are built on top of Vultr’s Cloud Compute Instances. These VPC’s provide the raw CPU processing, memory and data storage – a virtual server computer, hosted in one of 17 locations around the world.

Why has WP NET switched to Vultr?

Our switch to Vultr was made after careful consideration. Always at the forefront of our mind is delivering the best performance, reliability, security and features for our WordPress customers.

Server performance, features, reliability and support

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly difficult to find an NZ-based provider that can reasonably compete with the big cloud hosting providers, such as Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and others. We believe our NZ customers deserve the best.

Server Resources

Server resources and data bandwidth are still considerably more expensive in NZ, when compared to the rest of the world. Hosting outside NZ can mean big savings and better performance for your international visitors.

International Data

Moving data traffic internationally – outside of New Zealand – is still very expensive. As more and more websites make use of cloud services such as CDNs and cloud storage for backups, it becomes increasingly expensive to move this data from an NZ-based server to the remote cloud service.

At time of writing, none of the major cloud service providers have data centre locations in New Zealand.*

NZ’s Faster International Links

Considerable improvements have been made to NZ’s international data links in recent years. Trans-tasman bandwidth in particular, has improved markedly. This means that latency and speed issues with hosting across the ditch are less of a concern than in the past.

Vultr + WP NET = Hassle-free Managed Server

WP NET provisions VPCs on behalf of our customers, installs and configures a production-ready WordPress hosting stack, locks down and configures the server and connects it to our Site Manager control panel. We then monitor and manage the server for you, on-going. We install software and OS updates and manage all aspects of the server.

Introducing: WP NET Shield

What about WordPress Updates? Managed Server customers wanting an additional layer of support and security can purchase WP NET Shield for one or more of their Managed Server sites.

WP NET Shield includes:

  • Automated installation of all WordPress security related updates.
  • Security audit of your site and implementation of any improvements and fixes as needed
  • 50GB of encrypted cloud storage for backups (AWS S3)

WP NET Shield costs NZD$25 per site, per month.

Automated Security Updates

WP NET Support constantly monitors numerous WordPress security services, including the WPScan Vulnerability Database. As vulnerabilities in WordPress core, plugins and themes are publicised and patched, WP NET Shield sites receive automated updates, pushed out as soon as possible.

Security Audit

A WP NET Support WordPress Expert will review your site, identify any issues and implement security hardening and protection measures.

50GB Cloud Backup

WP NET Support can configure a scheduled backup routine, or we can create backups on request. Backups are stored off-server, encrypted on AWS S3.

We have plenty of great ideas for new features planned for our Managed Server products, and I look forward to sharing more news with you soon. If anybody has any questions about WordPress hosting at all — please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat!

* Microsoft have recently announced plans for a data centre in NZ.