New Managed Server Products Available Now

New Managed Server Products Available Now
February 7, 2019 GB

Announcing our all-new Managed Servers — they’re faster … and cheaper!

Blazing-fast, Single-tenant WordPress Servers — right here in NZ

At WP NET, our focus has always been on the New Zealand market — we aim to provide the best possible WordPress hosting services for NZ businesses with predominantly NZ-based users.

Unlike many of the other Managed WordPress hosting companies operating in NZ, all WP NET’s servers are located in New Zealand, ensuring that your customers get the fastest possible response time.

While hosting resources and bandwidth is still significantly cheaper outside NZ, it can mean that your website performance suffers at busy times, when international data traffic usage is high. Hosting in New Zealand means that your customers get low-response times and consistent performance.

New Managed Server Plans and Pricing

We’ve done away with the rather meaningless “Basic”, “Professional” and “Enterprise” plan names and have instead adopted new (rather meaningless) plan names: MS1+, MS2+ and MS3+. Basically, the higher the number, the faster the server performs — each tier has higher CPU and I/O priority, so there’s now more real-world performance difference between the 3 server plans.

All other resources — CPUs, RAM, Disk space and International Data — are all extendable, providing lots of flexibility. We’ve also completely flattened the configurable options pricing so no matter what plan you’re on, adding resources will cost the same.

Managed Servers now start from only NZD$180 + GST!

Improved Managed Firewall with DDoS Protection

We’ve also upgraded the Managed Server Firewall with improved DDoS protection.

As an added security precaution, we now allow access to SSH / SFTP (port 22) from within New Zealand only. If you do need to access your server from elsewhere, just send us a support ticket and we can open access for you.

These firewall upgrades are in effect now and also apply to existing Managed Server customers on old servers.

Web Hosting Features

WP NET’s Managed Servers include all the latest cutting-edge web hosting technology that you’d expect — PHP 7.2 (and 7.3!), HTTP/2, Brotli, AutoSSL and daily virus and malware scanning. Our tried-and-tested custom server enhancements and security hardening tweaks are also applied automatically — so you can relax and get on with running your business.

Upgrading from old Managed Server Plans

The new Managed Servers are on completely new infrastructure, so there’s no automated upgrade available from the old Managed Server plans.  You can upgrade, but it will require manual migration of all your website data and a new IP address (meaning you’ll need to update your domain’s DNS settings).

If you are a current Managed Server customer and are interested in upgrading, please open a support ticket and we’ll be happy to provide a quote for managing the migration for you.

Some of our older Managed Server customers are on Ubuntu 14.04 which reaches end-of-life in April 2019, so we’ll be contacting those customer soon to recommend an upgrade.

If you have any questions regarding our new Managed Server products, please get in touch — you can email us, or give us a call on 0800 4 WP NET.