PHP 7.2 Coming Soon

PHP 7.2 Coming Soon
February 28, 2018 GB

The latest, greatest — and fastest ever — version of PHP: 7.2 will soon be available to all WP NET customers.

We are in the final stages of testing PHP 7.2 for both our shared-server Managed WordPress and Managed Cloud Server customers. Once we’re sure it is stable and compatible with all our systems we will release it for general availability.

Kinsta recently published results from a comprehensive benchmarking test and PHP 7.2 was the leading performer in all 3 of the WordPress tests.

WordPress PHP 7.2 Benchmarks

WordPress PHP Benchmarks

WordPress + WooCommerce PHP Benchmarks

WordPress + WooCommerce PHP Benchmarks

Updating your WordPress sites to PHP 7.2

In some cases PHP 7.2 was 300% faster than PHP 5.6. If your WordPress site is still using 5.6, now is the time to look at upgrading!

Please note that WP NET will not automatically switch customers over to the new PHP version. Customers who want to use PHP 7.2 will need to login to the Plesk Panel and change the runtime for the sites they want to upgrade, this is very easy and quick to do and if you experience any issues you can immediately switch back to whatever runtime you were previously using.

However, please note that some WordPress themes and plugins may still not be fully compatible with PHP 7.2. In fact, in our testing there are still many plugins out there making use of PHP code that no longer works with PHP 7.2. So, if you do decide to upgrade to PHP 7.2, you will need to to carefully test your sites to ensure everything is working OK. If not, it’s a simple process to switch back to 7.1, 7.0 or 5.6. If you need any assistance, just contact WP NET Support and we’ll be happy to help.

Useful Links

The following article provides more information about the changes in PHP 7.2 and what this means for WordPress developers, particularly those writing and maintaining plugins.