Reduce risk with managed hosting, says ZDNet

Reduce risk with managed hosting, says ZDNet
December 21, 2014 GB

An interesting article was recently published on ZDNet, highlighting the increasing risks associated with unmanaged WordPress hosting.

In particular, the recent vulnerability discovered in the ubiquitous Slider Revolution plugin (and the subsequent controversy about the management of it’s disclosure and patching) has raised important questions regarding WordPress management and security.

At what technical level, is it accepted that a website owner has the necessary know-how to secure a website, protect it against attacks and detect when problems occur? As WordPress becomes ever more popular around the world — so too does the need for focus on security, performance and scalability.

… security is an even bigger imperative. Many WordPress sites belong to people who don’t know jack about computers, let alone web site administration. These users are much better off with a WordPress environment in which their options are limited, but their safety protected.

In 2015, it will be more important than ever to ensure that your WordPress installations are secure and up to date.

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