Announcing the Revisium AntiVirus Scanner

Announcing the Revisium AntiVirus Scanner
April 18, 2018 GB
Revisium Antivirus

We are thrilled to announce that the excellent Revisium Antivirus Scanner is now available to all customers on MWP2 servers.

Revisium AntiVirus Features

Revisium Antivirus is an intelligent malware detection tool with one-click automatic malware cleanup and blacklist status checking. Scans run automatically each night, and customers can review scan results and run additional scans on-demand directly in the Plesk Panel.

  • Detects many types of malicious files including back-doors, web-shells, viruses, hacker’s tools, ‘blackhat SEO’ scripts, phishing pages and more
  • Checks domain for blacklist status (Google, McAfee, Yandex, Kaspersky and many other antivirus services)
  • Includes specific support for WordPress, scanning relevant directories for common WordPress malware
  • One-click automatic malware cleanup, scheduled & on-demand scans

We conducted extensive testing of the Revisium Antivirus Scanner and we found it to be very thorough and in some cases was able to detect malware that our other scanners missed. Revisium AntiVirus does not replace any of our existing malware detection tools — it is in addition to all our current malware and anitvirus systems, adding another layer of protection for our Managed WordPress Hosting customers.

Do I need to do anything ?

No, it’s activated right now on all Managed WordPress sites on MWP2 servers. Scans run each night and WP NET Support is notified of any issues identified during a scan. In many cases we will automatically remove the malware and then conduct a security review and hardening of your website. We will then contact the customer to let them know what we’ve done and make any other suggestions to ensure your site remains secure.

What if my site isn’t on an MWP2 server?

If you don’t see the Revisium AntiVirus icon on your Websites & Domains page in Plesk Panel, then you’re not on an MWP2 server. Don’t panic though, WP NET Support can easily migrate your sites over to a MWP2 server, just complete this form and we will schedule the migration as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please open a support ticket.

More to Come!

This is the first of many exciting new features we’ve got planned for the next while, so stay tuned!