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    PHP 7.4

    And, We’re Back in the Room

    - by GB

    Well, this is embarrassing. I just looked at the date of our last blog post and it’s almost 12 months ago! Oh dear.

    While we have been very slack on updating our blog, rest assured we have been as busy as ever with our growing customer base and on-going maintenance, upgrades and planning.

    With Gutenberg now released and becoming quite a mature editor, WordPress is looking as strong as ever as we head into 2020.

    So, here’s a summary of what’s been going on and what’s coming up.  … continues

  • Managed WordPress
    Revisium Antivirus

    Announcing the Revisium AntiVirus Scanner

    - by GB

    We are thrilled to announce that the excellent Revisium Antivirus Scanner is now available to all customers on MWP2 servers.

    Revisium AntiVirus Features

    Revisium Antivirus is an intelligent malware detection tool with one-click automatic malware cleanup and blacklist status checking. Scans run automatically each night, and customers can review scan results and run additional scans on-demand directly in the Plesk Panel.

      … continues

  • Managed Servers
    PHP 7.2

    PHP 7.2 Now Available

    - by GB

    We are pleased to announce that the latest, greatest — and fastest ever — version of PHP: 7.2 is now available to all WP NET customers.

    Customers on MWP2.0 shared-server plans and those on Managed Cloud Servers can now select PHP 7.2 for use.

    Please note that WP NET will not automatically switch customers over to the new PHP version. Customers who want to use PHP 7.2 will need to login to the Plesk Panel (or Cloud Server Control Panel) and change the runtime for the sites they want to upgrade, this is very easy and quick to do and if you experience any issues you can immediately switch back to whatever runtime you were previously using.

    Some WordPress themes and plugins may still not be fully compatible with PHP 7.2. If you do decide to upgrade to PHP 7.2, you will need to to carefully test your sites to ensure everything is working OK. If not, it’s a simple process to switch back to 7.1, 7.0 or 5.6. If you need any assistance, just contact WP NET Support and we’ll be happy to help.

    Recently, the recommended PHP version for use with WordPress was changed to version 7.2.

  • Plesk PanelSystem Updates

    Code Editor now available in Plesk Panel

    - by GB

    A small update that we hope will make our customers lives a little easier … a code editor is now available directly in the Plesk Panel. The editor will colorise your code and assist with indentation. This should make editing PHP, HTML and other source code quite a bit easier.

    To access the editor, go to the Files tab in Plesk and use the drop-down selector for the fie you wish to edit, and select Edit in Code Editor.  … continues

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    Plesk Mobile Android App

    Manage your WP NET hosting on the go with Plesk Mobile

    - by GB

    If you’re an Android user, there’s a nifty new app that may interest you — The Plesk Mobile app allows you to get fast access to your Plesk Panel management features.

    Plesk Mobile gives you convenient access to management of your domains. Here’s a few things you can do with Plesk Mobile:

    • Domain management features
    • File manager with basic operations
    • Embedded text editor
    • Subscription statistics
    • Open Plesk Panel in embedded web view

    It’s completely free, and available now from the Play Store.

  • Plesk PanelSystem Updates

    Plesk 12 now installed on all hosting accounts

    - by GB

    All WP NET servers have now been updated to the latest version Plesk Panel version 12. Plesk 12 brings a refined interface and some fantastic new features, including integrated WordPress management and backup to DropBox.

    This is an exciting Plesk release for WP NET. Plesk 12 allows us to provide an even greater level of security and WordPress-centric server management services to our customers. Furthermore, the WordPress Toolkit features are also available to you — the customer — so you can now update plugins and themes yourself — should you wish to do so — directly in the Plesk Panel.

    Whilst the interface is mostly the same as version 11.5, there are a few notable changes and additions.

      … continues

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