Website Refresh, new Managed Servers and Updates!

Website Refresh, new Managed Servers and Updates!
May 10, 2020 GB

I hope this finds everyone safe and well – here we are with a May 2020 update.

We have been trying to make the most of these unusual times, trying to remain productive and fast-track some projects.

It’s been a surprisingly busy time, with lots of businesses and their customers using their sites more than usual. Here’s what’s been going on at WP NET

New Managed Server Products

We have once again refreshed our single-tenant Managed Server products for 2020, and they’re available now. The most significant difference with this year’s update is that these new Managed Servers are now located in a Sydney data-centre on the Vultr cloud hosting network. Vultr is our new cloud hosting partner – they’re VPS compute instances perform excellently, their uptime is the best we tested and their support and services are fantastic.

Being located outside New Zealand means that baseline server resources are considerably cheaper, a finely-tuned single-tenant server is more affordable than ever. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

For more information, please check out our new Managed Server page.

Read more about Managed Server

WordPress 5.4

Like many things at the moment, the latest WordPress release has been unveiled under unique circumstances. While WP NET support was testing 5.4, NZ was going into lockdown and we were seeing huge surges in server traffic and activity. This delayed our testing of 5.4, and we still have some customers on 5.3.x.

All important security updates for WordPress core are always backported to previous versions, so customers on 5.3.x have still received these security patches as well.

The first point release, 5.4.1 has also been released now, and so any remaining sites on 5.3.x will be updated in the coming days.

Thank you for your patience while we work through updates at this busy time.

WordPress Attacks and Malicious Traffic

Some of you may have seen reports in the media about how the last several weeks has also been a tumultuous time online – with many large-scale attacks being carried out by malicious actors, resulting in hugely increased amounts of server activity.

Hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites have been targeted, and phishing scams are also seeing a huge surge.

Just in the last few days alone we’ve rolled out updates for WordPress core, plugins including Elementor, Ninja Forms, and the Avada theme.

Thankfully, very few – one actually – of our customer’s sites have been found to have suffered any kind of a compromise in the last several weeks. WP NET support will remain vigilant and continues to monitor the situation.

Rest assured WP NET support works to keep your sites safe, we install security updates for plugins where ever possible. We also regularly scan all Managed WordPress for malware.

Watch this space for an update about our “Managed WordPress” products … more details shortly.