WordPress 3.7 deployed — 3.7.1 incoming

WordPress 3.7 deployed — 3.7.1 incoming
October 30, 2013 GB

No sooner had we tested and deployed WordPress 3.7 to all our Managed Hosting customers and low-and-behold — 3.7.1 is released.

One of the main new features in (the very recently released) 3.7 is the automatic installation of security and patch updates. All our customers who have been updated to 3.7 therefore have this functionality running on their site now.

While some other managed hosting providers have decided to not support this new feature, we are letting users use it if they wish while we test the auto update functionality more thoroughly. Our policy on this may change in the future, but generally our preference is to give our WordPress hosting clients as much freedom to run their install as they wish, whilst also adding value with our additional services such as backups, monitoring, security scanning, and optimisation.

Also, WordPress 3.7.1 has just been released and can be downloaded and updated in the usual way. The new 3.7 auto updates will also kick in … probably by the time you read this.