WordPress 3.9 — New Features

WordPress 3.9 — New Features
March 12, 2014 GB

WordPress 3.9 is looking fine, with the beta released this morning. Noteable new features include:

  • We updated TinyMCE, the software powering the visual editor, to the latest version. Be on the lookout for cleaner markup. Also try the new paste handling — if you paste in a block of text from Microsoft Word, for example, it will no longer come out terrible.
  • Widget management to live previews (the customiser).
  • Galleries now receive a live preview in the editor. Upload some photos and insert a gallery to see this in action.
  • You can now drag-and-drop images directly onto the editor to upload them.
  • Some things got improved around editing images. It’s a lot easier to make changes to an image after you insert it into a post and you no longer get kicked to a new window when you need to crop or rotate an image.
  • New audio/video playlists. Upload a few audio or video files to test these.