WordPress Pro Plugin Directory

WordPress Pro Plugin Directory
June 19, 2015 GB
Pro Plugin Directory

I just wanted to make a quick mention of this promising new directory for pro / paid WordPress plugins: the Pro Plugin Directory.

Finding free WordPress plugins is a no-brainer … the official WordPress plugins repository contains thousands of free plugins with reviews, ratings and all sorts of useful information to help you make an informed choice. Of course, you can also search the repository from within your WordPress Admin. It works very well and is one of the best things about WordPress — easy discovery, installation and support for free WordPress plugins.

When it comes to paid / pro / premium plugins however … it’s not so easy. Many users simply Google and then need to trawl through all the options, try and find reviews or other comments on a given plugin, and then you might need to compare plugins that offer similar functionality — Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms? iThemes Security Pro or WordFence?

Clearly, there is a need for a go-to directory of pro WordPress plugins. This is not a new idea, others have tried and failed — success will only come with widespread adoption.

I believe that the Pro Plugin Directory is well positioned to succeed here: it looks great, is easy to search, easy to submit and supports user reviews and ratings.

We’re hopeful that the Pro Plugin Directory will fill this need and flourish — so we’re giving it a plug (pun intended!) and over the next while I’ll be writing reviews for all the plugins on there that I have used.

So, check it out, follow on Twitter and if you’re a real fan of a pro plugin, suggest that the author submit their plugin.