Where to find awesome WordPress themes.


ThemeForest is probably the world’s largest marketplace for WordPress themes. The quality and support does vary greatly, but many authors are producing superb themes these days and the prices are very competitive.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes have an enormous library of stunning themes and represent amazing value for money. Their flagship theme, Divi is proving very popular.


StudioPress are another of the leading theme publishers. Their Genesis Framework theme is arguably the most flexible, SEO-friendly and secure WordPress theme framework available.

With Themify themes you can create beautiful, fully responsive WordPress sites. They have many high-quality themes, including their flagship themes Ultra and Shoppe.


Obox publish beautiful WordPress themes for bloggers, businesses and freelancers. Their landing page theme, Launch Pad (actually, it’s a plugin but let’s not split hairs) is our personal favourite — and it’s free.

Array Themes

Array Themes build beautiful, minimalist themes with top-notch support and features. Their themes particularly suit photographers, creative agencies, bloggers and start-ups.

Engine Themes

Engine Themes build beautiful app-based WordPress themes. The design and features of these themes are impressive — with full mobile support, front-end editing and on-going support.

Audio Theme

AudioTheme is perfect for artists, musicians, bands, record labels, and anyone that manages websites for people who make music.

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press produce beautiful, minimalist themes for creatives, such as photographers and artists. Some of their themes also support the popular photo publishing platform Photo Shelter.

Organic Themes

Organic Themes have a concise library of themes catering to a broad range of applications, including a restaurant theme, music theme, non-profit, shop and more.

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