WP NET Update

December 2021

After some significant challenges over the last 18 months, I am pleased to finally reveal our latest website refresh and product updates for 2022.

WordPress is a constantly evolving and improving project, and we too must regularly review our services and shape them to complement the current WordPress environment. And so — from December 2021 — we are introducing a rebrand of our main hosting products, along with some pricing adjustments. All the details follow.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you would you like to discuss any of these changes, or if you have any questions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for choosing WP NET WordPress Hosting & Support.

Wishing you all the very best for the holiday season! Stay safe.

Gavin – WP NET

MWP WordPress Hosting

“MWP” Hosting Plans Renamed “WP Site”

We are rebranding our hosting plans with a simple “WP” prefix and moving to more descriptive names. So, MWP-1 becomes WP Site 1, MWP-2 becomes WP Site 2, etc.

New Hosting Location

From January 2022 we will start offering our WP Site hosting plans from servers located in Sydney, Australia.

For a little over a year, we have been hosting our premium, single-tenant “managed server” hosting on the Vultr network, in their Sydney data centre. This has been a huge success for us and our managed server business has grown over 100% in the last 12 months as many of our e-commerce customers realise the benefits of single-tenant hosting. The performance, stability and network reliability of these servers has been excellent and the newer “High Frequency” products are particularly well suited to running crazy fast WordPress sites.

So now the next step is to also move our shared-server, Plesk Panel hosting to the Vultr network.

What does this mean for existing NZ-based sites?

In the short-term — nothing changes — your WP Site hosting will continue to run from New Zealand based servers, as they do now. We will continue to run a limited number of NZ servers for sometime into the future. However, no new hosting accounts or sites will be provisioned on NZ servers.

From January 2022, new orders for WP Site and WP Studio hosting will be provisioned on Australian servers. From mid-January 2022 we will also begin to migrate some existing customers to Australian servers.

Please note: Customers will be contacted first and will be able to opt-out and choose to remain on an NZ server.

Disk Space Increase

Each WP Site plan (previously MWP) now has 2GB of storage per site at no extra cost.

  • WP Site 1 = 2GB (was 1.5GB)
  • WP Site 2 = 4GB (was 3GB)
  • WP Site 3 = 6GB (was 4.5GB)
  • WP Site 4 = 8GB (was 6GB) etc

Note: MySQL database disk space usage is now included in usage calculations. This means that the size of your database(s) is included in the overall disk space calculation for your plan.

WP Site Discount Pricing Structure

We are adjusting our pricing discount policy for WP Site (previously MWP) hosting as follows. Previously, our “$25 per site” pricing applied from the 2-site plan, this now applies from the 4-site plan.

  • WP Site 1 is $30 per month (unchanged)
  • Additional sites are $25 per site
    • WP Site 2 is $55 (previously $50)*
    • WP Site 3 is $80 (previously $75)*
  • From WP Site 4 plan or higher, per site is $25 per month
    • WP Site 4 is $100 per month (unchanged)
    • WP Site 5 is $125 per month (unchanged), etc
  • Annual payment for WP Site plans receive a further 2.5% discount

* New pricing for WP Site 2 & WP Site 3 applies only to new services and upgrades / downgrades. Existing customers will have their original pricing maintained for the life of the plan.

All prices are per month, excluding GST.

Managed Server renamed WP Server

Our single-tenant managed server products are now called WP Server. WP Servers are hosted on the Vultr network and by default we deploy in Sydney, Australia. Other locations also available.

Our entry-point single-tenant server is the Vultr HF 1 CPU | 2GB RAM @ NZD$95 per month. This includes complete server management and our local expert tech support.

For more information, please see the WP Server page.

New WP Studio Reseller Plan

WP Studio is a variation of our WP Site Plesk-based shared-hosting. WP Studio runs on the same platform as WP Site, only with a variation of the web-based control panel interface that is better suited to managing a large number of sites. This makes the WP Studio plans better suited to freelancers, digital studios and other resellers.

  • Simple pricing: $25 per site
  • Starts at WP Studio 5 @ $125 per month

For more information, please see the WP Studio page.

WP Shield Support Plan

So we can accommodate customers who want to “self manage” their WordPress sites, as well as those who do not, we have split off the WordPress components of our support service to WP Shield: a WordPress support package that includes managed installation of security updates, additional backups and access to our WP Expert technical support.

  • WP Site and WP Studio sites have WP Shield support included.
  • WP Server customers can choose to add WP Shield to any site for $25 per month

For more information, please see the WP Shield page.

WP Valet Support Plan – Coming Soon

WP Valet is our all-inclusive hosting and WordPress support plan for the most demanding and business-critical WordPress businesses. WP Valet suits very busy, complex e-commerce sites and other intensive WordPress applications. All aspects of server and WordPress management are handled by our team of WP Experts.

WP Valet is in pre-release and not yet available. For information please see the WP Valet page and send us an enquiry if you would like more information.

Domain Pricing

From December 2021, we are introducing new domain registration and transfer pricing:

  • .nz | co.nz | .net.nz | .org.nz | .geek.nz | .kiwi.nz — $50 / year
  • All other TLDs — $40 / year

Supported TLDs

.nz | .co.nz | .geek.nz | .kiwi.nz | .net.nz | .org.nz | .biz | .com | .info | .net | .org

Domain pricing is in NZD, excluding GST. For more information, see our Domain Checker page.