Feature Tour

Feature Tour
October 8, 2023 GB

Comparing us to other WordPress hosts?

Check for these features – how do they stack up?

Automatic Security Updates

Utilising the industry-leading PatchStack vulnerability database, as security fixes for WordPress plugins and themes are released – they’re automatically installed on all your WordPress sites.

Malware & Virus Scanning

We use industry-standard scanners and detection software to regularly scan all sites for malware, viruses and other threats.

WP Core Integrity Scans

We regularly scan WordPress core for any changed or extraneous files. If suspicious changes are detected, our WP Experts investigate and restore everything back to how it should be.

WP Login Brute-force Protection

We use the excellent Fail2Ban security software to detect brute-force login attempts to your WP Login page. Offending IP addresses are blocked at the firewall to protect your sites and conserve server resources.

Multiple Backups

In addition to 7 days of complete backups with instant restore in the Plesk Panel, we also create extra backups of all databases, encrypt them and store them off-server in secure cloud storage for 30 days.

WP Expert Developer Support

Our technical support team are are highly skilled developers with many years experience working with WordPress. We don’t host other CMS’s, so you can be sure we’re laser-focussed and up-to-date on all the latest developments in the WordPress ecosystem.

Remote SMTP

We don’t burden our web servers with out-going mail services (SMTP). Instead, we use the superb MailGun SMTP service to send email from your WordPress sites, reducing server resource usage and improving reliability.

No Email Hosting or DNS

We don’t host email and we don’t run local DNS on our web servers either. If it doesn’t make WordPress run fast and secure… we don’t use it.

Low Site Count Per Server

We limit the number of WordPress installations per server to 100 or less. Many other hosts will cram hundreds, or even thousands of sites onto a single server! We don’t do that, and we never will.