WP Expert

Our team have extensive experience with all aspects of WordPress administration, development and technical support

Our WP Experts are full-stack developers, skilled with: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL and most common web development tools and libraries.

Theme Customisations

We can help with template customisations, integrations, updates and troubleshooting. We can also assist with theme recommendations and suitability assessment.


We’ve gotten pretty darn good at getting themes, plugins, API’s and remote services at playing together. We particularly get a kick out of working with Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms and WooCommerce.

Hack / Malware Repair

Web security is a little like the old saying about a chain: it’s only as strong as it’s weakest link. If disaster does strike, WP NET can help with analysis, recovery and restoration. We have many years experience dealing with numerous hacks and exploits.

Performance Optimisation

WP NET can assist with CDN  and object storage setup, media optimisation, code minimisation, caching and more. We can also run performance analysis software on your site to identify bottle-necks and other issues.

Security Hardening

A WP Expert will review your site and ensure that all effective security measures have been applied. We then report back with any recommendations for further improvements.

Disaster Recovery

Site broken? Maybe just a bit broken? Not sure what to do? We can usually identify the problem within a few minutes and have your site back up and running in no time.

Got Some Questions?

We have answers to many common questions in our FAQ.


WordPress Resources

Check out some of our favourite WordPress tools and resources.


If you’re already a WP NET customer and looking for development services, please open a support ticket. We will review your requirements and let you know if we can help. We’ll then provide a cost estimate to complete the job.

For complete site builds and larger-scale projects, please see Find a WordPress Developer.

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