About WP NET

WP NET is a 100% dedicated WordPress web host, founded by developers with years of experience and passion for the platform.

WP NET’s mission is clear: provide the best WordPress hosting and support in New Zealand

WP NET is not like other hosting companies — we only host WordPress sites — and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. And when you contact WP NET Support, you’re dealing directly with experienced WordPress developers who know what they’re talking about.

Protect your investment in WordPress: ensure that security, performance and support are managed by committed professionals who understand your hosting technology and your CMS.

Our Story

WP NET (formerly Stomp Box) started as Gavin’s freelance web development business in Sydney, Australia in 2001. A growing client base fed demand for reselling hosting services, and so he began operating his own servers in 2005.

In 2009 Gavin relocated back to New Zealand, and began working almost exclusively with WordPress and started providing hosting and support services. In early 2014 Stomp Box re-branded to become WP NET and focus exclusively on hosting and support. At this time we launched our NZ-based hosting services, becoming NZ’s first dedicated “managed WordPress” web host.

  • More and more people were coming to me disappointed with their NZ-based hostingpoor performance, unresponsive support and lack of WordPress expertise were common gripes. Moving into WordPress hosting and support just made sense: there was loads of customers desperately looking for a decent local provider!

    Gavin Botica – Founder WP NET
    Gavin Botica – Founder WP NET

Our Team

WordPress is open source software, created by Automattic, Inc. Millions of people build their businesses on WordPress. WP NET is not affiliated with Automattic, Inc. or the WordPress Foundation.