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Welcome to MWP2.0

Fast, Secure, NZ-based WordPress Hosting & Support ... version 2.

The largest upgrade to our services since we began in 2014

Almost a year ago we set about planning the next technology upgrade for our NZ-based WordPress Hosting. We wanted to improve in two areas in particular: performance and site staging. We’re now pleased to announce … MWP2.0.

Our tried-and-tested features remain: managed updates, automated backupsmonitoring, security updatesmalware scanning, security hardening and more …

… plus these awesome new features in MWP2.0 …



PHP7 is huge leap forward for PHP with dramatic speed increases, improved security and much more. We now run PHP via PHP-FPM exclusively.

WordPress core and many plugins are now fully compatible with PHP7. MWP2.0 supports PHP version 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 — and you can switch at any time.


Encrypt the web — now is the time to plan your migration to HTTPS. Moving to HTTPS can have performance, SEO and security benefits. Increase customer confidence and reduce management costs. WP NET Managed WordPress includes automated issuance and renewal of SSL certificates courtesy of Let’s Encrypt.

Site Clone & Sync

It’s now super simple to create a staging site to test plugins or work on other updates — in just a few clicks — using site Clone & Sync!

Site Clone creates a new site and database and then copies all data from source to destination in only a couple of minutes. Login to the new site’s WP Admin directly from Plesk! You can also Sync any site on top of another.



Our web server stack now includes Nginx 1.11 with support for HTTP/2, the new generation protocol that drives the web. HTTP/2 includes all sorts of cool new things, but most importantly for WordPress users —  it’s faster! How much faster? A lot faster!

HTTP/2 is automatically activated when using HTTPS. Just run your site with https:// and you’ll get the benefits of HTTP/2.

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More Disk Space

MySQL databases are not included in customer’s disk space usage calculation. This frees up that space for you to use for files … and it also makes it easier to evaluate and manage your usage.

More Backups

We’ve increased the retention of our daily backups considerably. A full 7 days of system backups are now stored 2 — and these are not included in your disk space usage calculation. You can also schedule and run your own backups.


Experimental feature: For even more performance gains, you can try your site Nginx-only — no Apache! We know that Nginx is far more scalable and less resource intensive than Apache, so let’s remove it!  All static files and PHP are handled by Nginx. 1

Notes: MWP2.0 applies to our shared-server, WordPress Hosting & Support product group only. Does not apply to Managed Server products (Managed Servers support most of these features already).
1 WP NET support must activate and manage Nginx site config on your behalf. There are no .htaccess rules, so existing rules and some WP plugins may not work correctly. This feature is experimental and unsupported.
2 MWP2.0 backup policy is under trial and details may change.
Existing customers: Migration for existing customers is planned to begin from July 12, 2017. If you open a support ticket, you can request an early migration, however this cannot be guaranteed.
For complete details, please see the Service Specification: Managed WordPress Hosting & Support.