Covid-19 and NZ’s Level 4 Lockdown: an update from WP NET

Covid-19 and NZ’s Level 4 Lockdown: an update from WP NET
March 25, 2020 GB

As New Zealand goes to “level 4” lockdown this evening, we wanted to take the time now, to contact our customers (both existing and prospective) and let you know that everyone at WP NET will be continuing to work throughout these challenging times — hosting and protecting your WordPress websites.

With many of our customers being sole-traders, freelancers and small businesses — we understand that the future is filled with uncertainty. As a small business ourselves (and having worked for over a decade as a freelance developer), I realise how difficult circumstances may be for some. If any customers need to change their payment frequency, or make other adjustments to their hosting services, please get in touch and we’ll sort it out for you.

WP NET has always operated as a distributed, work-from-home business, so there are no real changes we need to make to continue operating as before. We have contacted any upstream providers that we rely on, and we feel very confident that our hosting and support services will continue to run smoothly.

While it is basically just business-as-usual, a couple of things to note are:

1. We are experiencing huge traffic spikes on shared servers, particularly after Government announcements

We are deploying new servers now, and will be migrating customers to spread load among more hosts.

2. Malicious actors are taking advantage of the current crisis

Phishing scams, brute-force attacks and other malicious activity is on the rise. Unfortunately, we expect this to continue and increase. Please be extra vigilant with your online security. Be particularly wary of phishing scams and spam emails over the coming weeks and months. WP NET will continue with all our normal security practices, including installing known security patches for plugins and WP core for all customers with “Managed WordPress” sites.

One suggestion we have for those that may have less-than-ideal password practices (still using password123 anyone?) — being stuck at home could be a great time grab a cuppa and migrate over to using a password manager. We recommend, but there are many other great options too.

Remember, one of the most important security practices for website managers is to never reuse passwords. Password managers such as LassPass make it super easy to generate and use secure, unique passwords for all your online  accounts and services.

WP NET Support is operating as per usual, so if you have any questions, concerns or otherwise, please open a support ticket or contact us.

Be safe and take care.