WP Shield

Managed security for your WordPress sites

As an exclusive WordPress web host, we have a constant focus on security, and have developed a group of complimentary support services designed to keep your sites safe and secure.

We call it WP Shield

How Does It Work?


Plugin Install

We install a small client plugin on your site to connect to our management systems and apply our secret sauce of WordPress security and performance optimisations.


Site Indexing

We index your site, check for any known plugin and theme vulnerabilities and install available updates. We perform a security review and check for any other issues. If we find any problems, a WP Expert will contact you.


Daily Scans

Each day we compile multiple sources for security alerts and updates. WP Shield sites with affected plugins or themes are updated automatically. In some cases we apply workarounds or hot-fixes before patches are available.


How Do I Get WP Shield?

Any site on a WP Site or WP Studio plan has WP Shield included.

For WP Server customers, WP Shield is optional. You can login to My WP NET and add WP Shield to any site on your server for $25 per site, per month.

What About WP Core?

For sometime now, WordPress core has installed security-related updates automatically. For the most part we leave this built-in function to do it’s job.

However, it can take up to 24 hours for auto-updates to install. So, WP NET sometimes pushes out WP core updates ahead of schedule.

What About Backups?

Whether you’re on a WP Site plan or a single-tenant WP Server, we take the hassle out of backup management with comprehensive on-server and remote cloud backups.

We discourage the use of WordPress backup plugins, as our server-side solutions are more reliable, faster and use less resources.

What About Tech Support?

Our friendly WP Experts are on-hand via our support ticket system to assist with all your WordPress related technical queries.

We can help with WP Dashboard usage, installations, updates, troubleshooting, broken functionality, performance issues and more.

Want to know more?

Send us a message and a WP Expert will be in touch ASAP!