Introducing Improved Server Monitoring

Introducing Improved Server Monitoring
June 22, 2016 GB
StatusCake - Detailed Test Information

All-new systems monitoring service is now operational!

This is an internal monitoring service used by our support team to provide them with important systems status information and historical performance data for all of our servers and customers domains. This is a remote monitoring service that runs in conjunction with existing systems to provide us with detailed multi-node monitoring.

The new monitoring service provides the WP NET support team with:

  • Domain (HTTP) or server (PING) monitoring
  • Multi-point fail-over testing locations — Australia, Singapore, US and more
  • Blacklist checking — we check your domain against more than 15 blacklist databases
  • Virus Checking – we scan your domain remotely for known malware (this is in addition to existing Sucuri and server-side scans)
  • Performance Monitoring — we track the response time of your domain over time
  • Custom Tests — sophisticated real-user modelled tests on any URL on your site (on request)
  • SSL Certificate expiration monitoring — if your website uses HTTPS by default, we will log your SSL certificate’s expiry date and notify you when it’s nearing expiration

What is monitored?

StatusCake - Detailed Test

All live domains created on Plesk-based Managed WordPress servers are automatically added to the monitoring service with a HTTP test at 5 minute intervals. Plesk-based servers are also monitored with a PING test every 60 seconds.

All Cloud Servers are added during provisioning and are monitored via a PING test every 60 seconds on their public IP. However, please note that we do not currently add tests for domains you create on Cloud Servers — you must request any additional domains you wish to have monitored. We plan to automate Cloud Server domains being added to the monitoring service sometime in the future.

We do hope you find this information useful and that it gives you added confidence in the stability and reliability of our servers and hosting systems. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.