Improved User Management in My WP NET

Improved User Management in My WP NET
November 4, 2020 GB

Everything is fine, our monthly blog post for October is going ahead as usual. It’s just that it is being published in November. 😉

Improved User Management in My WP NET

My WP NET is where our customers manage their hosting services, billing, support tickets and domains. Until now, each user account could only access a single hosting account, and each user had to have a unique email address. This was a real pain if you happen to be a WordPress developer who has multiple customers hosting on WP NET.

No longer! Our latest update introduces a new user management system, allowing a single user account to be associated with any number of hosting services! Any WP NET customer can now simply go to User Management and click Invite User:

User Management: Invite User

This change is part one of a longer-term migration to a new user management system which will improve security and usability for customers and resellers with multiple services.

The User menu has been given a makeover, notably you will now see: Account Details, User Management, Contacts and the Your Profile section:

New User Menu

Account Details: This is the Account owner. These details are not used to login to My WP NET, they are the primary contact information for the Account owner. Similar to a Contact, you can configure which email notifications will be sent. For example, you may want to disable all but General Emails for the primary Account, and then add a Contact to receive Invoice Emails.

Account Details Email Preferences

Users have login access to the My WP NET control panel. You can grant each user full access, or select permissions:

Invite New User

Users can login using a single email address and access as many accounts as they have been invited to. If a user has access to more than one account, they will be prompted to select which account they wish to manage at login. To jump to another Account, use the new Switch Account in the User menu. If a User has access to view and open support tickets, they will receive all email notifications for their tickets.

Contacts do not have login access to My WP NET. Contacts are for email notifications only. You can add a contact and set them to receive only the email notifications you specify. For example, you may have someone in your organisation who manages all your domain registrations and renewals. You can simply add a Contact for them, and set them to receive Domain Emails – Renewals, Registrations and Confirmations:

WP NET Valet

We are continuing to put the final touches on our forthcoming support service: WP NET Valet. WP NET Valet is a comprehensive hosting, technical and development support service for WooCommerce businesses, based on a simple monthly pricing model.

More details soon.

Comments on Announcements

We’re trialling Facebook comments running on our support Announcements. We have no idea if anyone is interested in using these, but I guess we’ll see.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading …. until next time. Stay safe.