Managed Cloud Server Control Panel Released

Managed Cloud Server Control Panel Released
August 8, 2016 GB

We have exciting news today … our Cloud Server Control Panel is officially released and available now!

Our Managed Cloud Servers are built for speed and security. We have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that these servers are as lean as possible — and that includes the control panel. The software installed on the server is very light-weight and uses practically zero resources. As you would expect, all communication between the control panel and the server uses SSL / HTTPS.

We have intentionally made the interface as simple and uncluttered as possible. Most actions require only a few clicks.

In short: it’s fast, secure and easy to use.

What Can You Do with the Control Panel?

The Control Panel facilitates three primary functions: user management, site management and database management.

Managed Cloud Server Control Panel

The Killer Feature — Install WordPress in less than 3 minutes!

This is seriously cool. When creating a new site on a Cloud Server you can optionally install a fresh copy of WordPress — all from a single form that takes only a few minutes complete.

The process creates a new site, configures the domains, installs the latest version of WordPress, creates a database and populates the required information directly to the wp-config.php file. Boom!

Managed Cloud Server - Create site and install WordPress

A comprehensive manual is available in our KnowledgeBase which explains all functions in detail. Note that you must be logged into My WP NET to access the KnowledgeBase.

The Cloud Server Control Panel is accessed directly within our customer portal, My WP NET. Existing Managed Cloud Server customers can login, go to the Products & Services page and click into the Cloud Server that you want to work with.

More to Come …

We are working very hard to improve our systems, add new features and streamline processes for all our products and services. We have plenty of other exciting plans in the works — stay tuned!