New Pricing for Managed WordPress Plans

New Pricing for Managed WordPress Plans
March 1, 2019 GB

Today we are announcing our new Managed WordPress (shared-server) hosting plans, along with a new pricing model.

The core features of the plans remain the same, but they have been renamed and restructured; gone are Starter, Professional and Business, and in come MWP-1, MWP-2, MWP-3, etc.

We now have a Managed WordPress plan for every number of sites you want to host. Previously, our core plans supported only 1, 2, 5 or 10 sites. If you wanted 3 sites, you had to order a Professional (2 site plan) and then order a +1 Website Add-on. It all got a bit confusing, so now we’ve simplified everything. Need 4 sites? The MWP-4 plan is for you. Simple.

Managed WordPress Hosting Price Changes

New pricing applies to all new sign-ups and upgrades (effective immediately).
New pricing takes effect for existing customers from March 11, 2019.

Previously, the first site you hosted with WP NET cost $29 per month. If you upgraded to 2 sites, it became $49 ($24.50 per site). Once you went beyond this — to 3+ sites — each additional site was only $20 per month. Unfortunately, this level of discount for multiple sites was not sustainable.

So, our new pricing has also been simplified:

  • Your first site is $30 per month
  • Multiple sites are $25 per site, per month

You can now simply upgrade or downgrade your plan to support the number of sites you need:

All prices exclude GST.

Why Are We Raising Our Prices?

We understand that no-one likes it when prices go up. However, if we compare WP NET’s pricing to other Managed WordPress Hosts, we are still very competitively priced.

All the other Managed WordPress Hosts mentioned below operate outside New Zealand, mostly with data-centres in the US. Some also have options to host in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Furthermore, most of the other NZ-based Managed WordPress hosts also have their data-centres overseas. WP NET is proud to have all our customer servers located in New Zealand.

How does WP NET Compare?

WP NET’s single-site price is now $30 NZD, that’s equivalent to roughly $21 USD. So, how do the big players elsewhere in the world compare?

Single-site Managed WordPress Hosting ($USD per month)

  • WP Engine: $35
  • Kinsta: $30
  • Pantheon: $29
  • Flywheel: $28
  • WP NET: $21 (approx.)

Now — arguably — the big-boys offer a few bells-and-whistles that WP NET does not — that’s true. However, only WP NET offers servers (and technical support) located in New Zealand and we are still almost 30% cheaper on average. This is despite the fact that web hosting resources and bandwidth are considerably more expensive in New Zealand.

Additionally, WP NET is one of the only Managed WordPress hosts that supports WordPress core updates AND plugin security updates.

Considering all of the above, we strongly believe that WP NET WordPress Hosting still represents excellent value and provides the best WordPress hosting experience in New Zealand.

Data from our customer survey shows that 99% of our customers would happily recommend WP NET to a friend or colleague, and 90% of those people have done so.

More to Come…

Rest assured, we’re not stopping here … we’re constantly working on improvements to our hosting services, network security, performance and features, and we still have much planned for 2019 — we hope you’ll stay with us.

To all our customers, thank you for choosing WP NET.

If you have any questions regarding the new MWP hosting plans or our pricing, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.