Security enhancement: FTPS now available

Security enhancement: FTPS now available
October 20, 2013 GB

We are continuing our efforts to make security improvements to our hosting systems where ever possible.

Good old standard FTP has served us well for many years, but times are changing and these days using a completely unsecured connection to send and retrieve files from your web hosting account is not a very good idea. So, today we have enabled support for FTPS to allow FTP activity to be encrypted using SSL / TLS. All you need to do is update your FTP client’s settings to use FTPS (FTP with explicit SSL / TLS, default port 21), all other details remain the same and no other settings should need changing.

We are also in the later stages of testing SFTP / SSH support for our hosting accounts — this will provide another option for secure connections and also allow you to manage files directly on the server via SSH — which can be a huge time saver when compared to FTP. We’ll let you know when this rolls out, though feel free to get in touch if you would like to test this new feature early.

Please note: FTPS is not only enabled — it is required. Normal, unencrypted FTP connections are no longer allowed. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, or just need some help with your FTP client settings — please feel free to get in touch.