WP Server

  • Can I use WP-CLI?

    - by GB

    Yes — all WP Server and legacy Managed Servers have WP-CLI installed by default.

  • Can I create a development or staging site?

    - by GB

    WP Server is a fully-managed service, so WP NET support perform all technical operations on your behalf. Just open a support ticket and we’ll set it up for you ASAP.

    Our default WP Server configuration does not include a control panel, so there is no customer-facing interface for creating websites. However, we do plan to implement this feature in the future.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Can I use SSH?

    - by GB

    Yes, SSH access is available using password or SSH key authentication. WP-CLI is also available, so you can manage your WordPress installations from the commands line!

  • Do I get root user access?

    - by GB

    No — as a fully managed server, root access is not provided to the customer.

  • How is data traffic overuse charged?

    - by GB

    WP Server products include generous monthly data traffic allowances, with no regional restrictions. We’ve never had a customer exceed (or get anywhere close) to their limit on these servers. If you do manage it, overage charges are available on the WP Server Service Specification page.

    For more information, please contact us.

  • How do I install WordPress?

    - by GB

    WP Server customers can open a support ticket and we’ll install WordPress for you. If a database already exists, you can install WordPress with WP-CLI.

    If you need any help with installing WordPress, just open a support ticket and we’ll sort it ASAP!

  • What operating system is installed on WP Servers?

    - by GB

    WP Servers are provisioned with the latest available 64-bit version of Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support).

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