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  • Can I use WP-CLI?

    - by GB

    WP-CLI is not currently available on shared-server WP Site and WP Studio plans. However, many of the functions that you can perform with WP-CLI are available via the Plesk WordPress Toolkit.

  • Can I create a development or staging site?

    - by GB

    Yes. WP Site and WP Studio plans include additional free sub-domain sites and databases that you can use for development, staging and test sites.

    You can easily create staging sites in a few clicks with the Plesk WordPress Toolkit’s Clone & Sync feature.

    Cloned sites share your plan’s total disk space allocation, so you must have enough free disk space to perform a clone. You can add more disk space by purchasing a disk space add-on.

  • Can I use SSH?

    - by GB

    SSH is not currently supported on WP Site or WP Studio shared-server platforms. We hope to have this feature available in the future. If you have a particular need for this, please contact us.

  • Can I add more disk space to my hosting plan?

    - by GB

    Yes — you can add more disk space to any WP Site or WP Studio hosting plan for NZD$2 per month per GB, plus GST.

  • How do I install WordPress?

    - by GB

    You can install WordPress on WP Site and WP Studio hosting plans with just a couple of clicks via the Plesk Panel. Newly provisioned WP Site hosting plans have a fresh copy of WordPress installed automatically.

    If you need us to install WordPress for you, just open a support ticket and we’ll sort it ASAP!


  • How is data traffic overuse charged?

    - by GB

    WP Site and WP Studio shared-server hosting plans include unmetered data traffic, so you never have to worry about overage charges – ever.

    Please note that our Fair Use Policy applies.

  • What if I exceed my hosting plan’s disk space allocation?

    - by GB

    If you exceed your WP Site hosting plan’s allocated disk space you will receive an email notification each day. The email contains information to help you manage your disk space, and identify where you may be able to reduce your usage.

    If you exceed your hosting plan’s disk space allocation for 3 consecutive days, a disk space upgrade will be applied automatically to cover your current usage. Disk space upgrades cost NZD$2 per GB per month, plus GST.

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