Does WP NET use Nginx or Apache web server?

Does WP NET use Nginx or Apache web server?
March 15, 2019 GB

WordPress hosting servers typically use either Nginx, Apache, or a combination of the two. A popular set up in recent years has been to use Nginx as a reverse-proxy, with Apache as the primary server, interfacing with PHP. This configuration provides some of the benefits of Nginx (lower resource usage, better scaling) while maintaining the broad compatibility and familiarity of Apache.

More recently, Nginx-only configurations have become more common and our currently preferred set up is Nginx-only with PHP-FPM and built-in Nginx page-caching.


  • WP Server (no control panel configuration)

Nginx + Apache

  • WP Site and WP Studio
  • WP Server (legacy)
  • Managed Server (NZ) (legacy)

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