What’s the difference between WP Site and WP Server?

What’s the difference between WP Site and WP Server?
November 23, 2016 GB

If your site is a relatively standard, business WordPress site, personal blog, portfolio site or a small WooCommerce store — our WP Site hosting should suit just fine.

If your site is a larger, busy WooCommerce store, Multisite, Membership or LMS … or just a very high-traffic site — we recommend a WP Server.

If you’re not sure what kind of hosting you need, please us contact and we’ll be happy to give you some unbiased, obligation-free advice.

  1. WP Site — Shared-server hosting
    1. Secure, fast, cost-effective WordPress hosting
    2. Create staging sites in just a few clicks
    3. Managed security updates by WP Experts
    4. Suits small-to-medium sized sites, including small WooCommerce stores
  2. WP Server — Single-tenant server
    1. Very fast(!), secure, scalable — the premium platform for your WordPress websites
    2. Complete isolation from all other WP NET customers
    3. Includes advanced WordPress development tools such as Git and WP-CLI
    4. Suits large, demanding sites, such as WooCommerce