Does WP NET update my WordPress software?

Does WP NET update my WordPress software?
November 22, 2016 GB

WordPress Core

From WordPress version 5.8.1, WP NET support no longer installs WP core software updates automatically.

However, WP Site, WP Studio and WP Shield customers can request that we update your WP core, plugins or themes by opening a support ticket. Depending on the time required and whether any additional work is needed, development fees may apply in some cases.

Plugins & Themes

WP Site, WP Studio and WP Shield plans include managed installation of security-related updates for most WordPress plugins and themes.

General, day-to-day updates that are not security related remain the responsibility of the customer.

Since version 5.7, managing updates in WordPress has become much easier and more flexible. You can configure many settings via the wp-config.php file, or directly on the WP Dashboard. You can set up almost any combination of automated or manual updates for your WP core, plugins and themes. See Configuring Automatic Background Updates for more information.

From version 5.7, fresh WordPress installations are configured to install all WP core updates automatically. However, if your installation pre-dates version 5.7 (even if you have since updated), only WP core security updates are configured to install automatically.