Where are WP NET’s servers located?

Where are WP NET’s servers located?
November 22, 2016 GB

Customer Web Servers

  • WP Site servers are located in Auckland or Sydney *
  • WP Server servers are provisioned in Sydney (by default). Other locations also available

* From January 2022, WP Site plans will be hosted on servers located in Sydney, Australia by default. Other locations may be available.


Depending on the backup system and host server location, backup data may be stored in the following locations:

  • On-server (outside the web root), in a local directory or mounted block storage
  • Off-server, in the host data-centre
  • Off-network, on AWS S3 or Backblaze *

* All backup data in remote cloud storage is sent using secure TLS (SSL) connections and stored using AES256 encryption.

Legacy Products

  • Managed Server (NZ) single-tenant servers are located in Auckland, New Zealand

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