• My site has been hacked! Can WP NET fix it?

    - by GB

    Yes — we provide a hack repair / site clean service to new and existing customers.

    Our WordPress Experts clean your site in an isolated test environment. We conduct a full security review and make other optimisations and suggestions as required. Once verified, tested and optimised — we re-deploy your site.

    Fees are based on our standard hourly development rate of NZD$85 per hour + GST. Please enquire for an estimate.

    Typical hack repair jobs range from NZD$350-750 + GST.

  • Where are WP NET’s servers located?

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    Customer Web Servers

    • WP Site servers are located in Auckland or Sydney *
    • WP Server servers are provisioned in Sydney (by default). Other locations also available

    * From January 2022, WP Site plans will be hosted on servers located in Sydney, Australia by default. Other locations may be available.


    Depending on the backup system and host server location, backup data may be stored in the following locations:

    • On-server (outside the web root), in a local directory or mounted block storage
    • Off-server, in the host data-centre
    • Off-network, on AWS S3 or Backblaze *

    * All backup data in remote cloud storage is sent using secure TLS (SSL) connections and stored using AES256 encryption.

    Legacy Products

    • Managed Server (NZ) single-tenant servers are located in Auckland, New Zealand

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • What’s the difference between WP Site and WP Server?

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    If your site is a relatively standard, business WordPress site, personal blog, portfolio site or a small WooCommerce store — our WP Site hosting should suit just fine.

    If your site is a larger, busy WooCommerce store, Multisite, Membership or LMS … or just a very high-traffic site — we recommend a WP Server.

    If you’re not sure what kind of hosting you need, please us contact and we’ll be happy to give you some unbiased, obligation-free advice.

    1. WP Site — Shared-server hosting
      1. Secure, fast, cost-effective WordPress hosting
      2. Create staging sites in just a few clicks
      3. Managed security updates by WP Experts
      4. Suits small-to-medium sized sites, including small WooCommerce stores
    2. WP Server — Single-tenant server
      1. Very fast(!), secure, scalable — the premium platform for your WordPress websites
      2. Complete isolation from all other WP NET customers
      3. Includes advanced WordPress development tools such as Git and WP-CLI
      4. Suits large, demanding sites, such as WooCommerce
  • Will WP NET move (migrate) my WordPress site?

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    Yes — once your hosting plan or server has been provisioned, you can request a free website migration.

    Additional migrations are charged at NZD$85 per hour, plus GST. If you have any questions about website migration, please contact us.

  • What is WP NET’s hourly development rate?

    - by GB

    All development work and out-of-scope support is billed at NZD$85 per hour, plus GST.

  • What payments methods does WP NET accept?

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    We accept payments via Credit Card (Stripe) and Direct Debit (GoCardless).

    WP Site hosting plans can be paid monthly or annually. When paying annually, a 2.5% discount is applied.

    WP Studio and WP Server products can only be paid monthly.

    Credit card payments are processed by Stripe, a secure, PCI-compliant payment gateway. WP NET does not store your complete credit card details — all details are encrypted and securely transmitted to Stripe for processing. If you opt to save your credit card for future billing, your card details will be stored by Stripe. You can remove or update your card details at any time from our customer portal website, My WP NET.

    If you would like to pay by bank direct deposit, please use the Direct Debit (GoCardless) option. If your bank does not support GoCardless, please contact us for bank details so you can make a manual payment. You’ll need to set this up with your bank directly.

  • Why Choose WP NET for WordPress hosting?

    - by GB

    At WP NET we are 100% focused on WordPress hosting and technical support — we don’t get bogged down with development, design or SEO services — we spend each day working to make our customer’s WordPress sites faster and more secure.

    Our aim is to ensure that our customers get the best possible hosting and support for their WordPress sites. After careful and constant reviews of the cloud hosting market we bring the best of the providers together with our friendly, responsive, local support team of WP Experts.

    Our internal customer surveys show that most of our customers choose us for one (or all!) of three reasons:

    1. Our WordPress expertise
    2. Local, responsive and helpful technical support
    3. NZ location — no time-zone or language barriers
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